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Sources for General Business Information:
www.dnb.com Dun and Bradstreet
www.Hoovers.com Info on employers
www.ReferenceUSA.com Info on business and households
www.KnowX.com Public information on the Internet
www.MarketGuide.com Guide to publicly traded companies
www.coli.org ACCRA Cost of Living Index by city
www.USChamber.org Business info and publications
Sources for Human Resources Information:
www.hr.com HR Information
www.hrfree.com BLR sponsored site
www.hrgopher.com HR Information
www.hrhero.com Employment Law info
www.hrmguide.com HR Information
www.hrradio.com Radio programs transmitting HR info
www.hrtools.com Background checking & info
www.hrvillage.com HR Information
www.launchhr.com HR Products and Services Directory
www.shrm.org Premier site for HR Professionals
www.eri.com Economic Research Institute
www.workforce.com Workforce Information
Sources for Salary Information:
www.nationalcompensationsurvey.com DOL annual survey
www.salary.com Salary calculator
www.salaryexpert.com Salary calculator and information
www.salarysource.com Salary information
www.wageweb.com Salary information
Source for Immigration and Visa Information:
www.immigration.com Source for Green cards, Visas, etc.
Sources for Compliance Information and Posters:
www.com.state.oh.us Minimum Wage Poster for Ohio
www.com.ohio.gov/laws Compliance information and forms – OH
www.dol.gov/esa/minwage/america.htm DOL minimum wage rates by state
www.com.ohio.gov.laws Ohio Div of Labor and Worker Safety
www.dol.gov/fairpay Overtime Regulations
www.bls.gov Bureau of Labor Statistics
www.eeoc.gov Equal Employment Opportunity Comm
www.jan.wvu.edu Job accommodation network – ADA
www.elinfonet.com Employment law information network
www.hippa.org HIPPA General Information
www.osha.org OSHA – Occup Safety & Health Adm
www.law.cornell.edu Legal Information Institute
www.SSA.gov Social Security Administration
www.SHRM.org SHRM State Resource Index
www.dol.gov/elaws US Dept of Labor elaws
www.nolo.com Legal forms and info
Law by topic
www.findlaw.com Legal assistance
Equal Employment Opportunity poster
Military Family Leave poster
Uniformed Services Employmt & ReEmploymt Rights Act poster
www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3165.pdf OHSA poster
www.dol.gov/osbp/eppac.pdf Employee Polygraph Protection Act poster
Ohio Fair Employment Practices Law poster
Ohio Minor Labor Law poster
Unemployment Compensation Coverage poster
www.odh.ohio.gov/alerts/ohiosmokingban.aspx No Smoking poster
www.dhs.gov/everify E-Verify Information
www.dol.gov/esa/whd/fmla FMLA Information and Forms
www.uscis.gov I-9 form